"Irsk Ulvehund i Norge"

The book is still available for sale!


Send an email to this address for ordering it:



Here is some information about how to buy it:


The book costs NOK 475,- or €57 / $88(today's currency)

The book's shipping weight is 2,3 kilo, and the sending costs (1 book) are different form country to country.


Paying by PAYPAL

Pay with a Paypal account (www.paypal.com)  it is easy and cheap to pay. If you have a Paypal account,

you should choose "Goods-Other" under item, and the email address you should pay to is:wolfhound@ballygran.com.

 If you don't have a Paypal account, it is easy to get one, and it is free of charge. The payment I accept is Euro (on Paypal).


Best regards

Anne Mette Mikkelsen

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